Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sprint into summer with BRING ARTS Lady Shantotto & Chocobo set

The iconic creature in Final Fantasy series is finally made into an action figure! What’s more, Chocobo is coming with Lady Shantotto in the BRING ARTS figure packaged set! 

Both figures reference the design from Final Fantasy XI, the series’ first MMORPG. The Tartaru race Lady Shantotto is a Black Mage from Windurst and she comes with a set of interchangeable hands, two faceplates, and a Iridal Staff. The short Tataru character is made to scale from 2ft to roughly 3in tall; but don’t let her short stature fools you, Lady Shantotto is fully articulated and she can moves in various ways. Both figures are much more refined compared to the in-game appearance, where the 3D rendering technology was less advanced back then. Details on the Chocobo are especially impressive, where layer of feathers are expressed with different color shading and carved barbules. The Chocobo is also fully articulated so you can pose it sprinting or dancing with an open beak. The package comes with a reins and saddle so Lady Shantotto could travel cross the Vana’diel on the Chocobo!

FINAL FANTASY® XI BRING ARTS™ SHANTOTTO & CHOCOBO set is now available for pre-order on Square-Enix Store NA while supply last; it is expected to release in May 2021. You can also buy the Chocobo separately, please see the link below.

Lady Shantotto & Chocobo Package




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