Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Build it yourself Figure-riseLABO introduces Asuka Langley to its lineup

Figure-riseLABO is a plastic figure kits developed by Bandai Spirits that allows you to assemble your favourite anime character from ground up. The fourth release of the series will introduce Asuka Langley from the Evangelion series! 

The design was based on the Test Plugsuit Asuka wore during EVA Unit-03’s activation test in the Rebuild of Evangelion movie. The torso section is made with two color inserts (Overlayed Injection Technology), which reveals the skin tone underneath the semi-translucent layer of the tight fitted plugsuit. The Special Coating Edition will further upgrade the red parts of the plugsuit with metallic coating, which enhance the contrast with the semi-translucent part in the torso. All molding parts in the kit are pre-painted and no glue is required for assembly.

Figure-riseLABO Asuka Langley is now available for pre-order on EVA Store; expected to ship in May 2021.

(UPDATE: Pre-order are sold out at the moment.)


Special Coating Version



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