Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Bandai opens preorder for Metal Robot Spirits Freedom Gundam

(UPDATE: July 10, 2020 — Pre-order available on Premium Bandai US <— Link)

Bandai has announced the release of Freedom Gundam on the brand’s Metal Robot Spirits lineup. Originated from Gundam Seed anime, the figure is scheduled to hit the market in January 2021.

The new release is revised from the Robot Spirits Freedom Gundam, updated with brand new die-cast skeleton that improves adjustability and durability of the figure. The figure will see new multi-colour paint jobs and new markings on the body, providing a much closer reflection of the machine appearance in the anime. The package will include three sets of replaceable hands, a beam rifle, a shield, two beam sabers and handles, a double-edge saber handle, and a display stand.

The release will be Japan exclusive on Premium Bandai Japan, available on Premium Bandai JP at 14:00(JST) on July 10, 2020.



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