Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Metal Build adds new arsenal to Strike Gundam with Lightning Striker Pack

Bandai will add a new expansion pack for the METAL BUILD Alternative Strike Gundam units: the new P204QX Lightning Striker Pack

The Lightning Striker Pack was developed by Orb’s Morgenroete to extend Strike Gundam’s operational time and to incorporate for super long-range attack mission. Founded from the original design, the METAL BUILD expansion pack is designed by mechanic designer Junichi Akutsu. The Lightning Striker Pack consists of an external battery pack that mounts to the back of the Gundam, an advance cooling systems, a composite weapon pods which protect the Gundam from projectiles, and a versatile Type 70-31 electromagnetic cannon that can be holstered as separate pieces on the forearms. The Lightning Striker Pack can transform to flight mode which goes autonomous from the main machine. 


The pack is compatible to the METAL BUILD Alternative Strike Gundam units, which includes the MB Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai (Alternative Strike ver.), the MB Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise, and the MB Strike Gundam (all sold separately).

The METAL BUILD P204QX Lightning Striker Pack is available for pre-order on Premium Bandai JP on September 4, 2020 at 4pm (JST) and expected to release in February 2021.



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