Friday, July 19, 2024

Play Arts Kai announced Nier:Automata’s 9S for next release

Follow the release of 2B, PLAY ARTS KAI announced the release of 9S (YORHA NO.9 TYPE S) in May 2021. 

A scanner android unit, the shorter stature 9S is sculpted faithfully to the original design of the character. From the official photo release we can see the hair strands in his head sculpt and the embossed pattern on his leather trench coat. Other parts of his outfit, including his shorts, the long boots, and even the small duffel bag at his back, are all accurately made. The blind folded 9S will come with his standard weapon Cruel Oath, plus a set of interchangeable hands and a hacking effect part.

The Deluxe version will come with everything above plus a list of bonuses! An extra body is included to replicate his self-destruction mode, along with three interchangeable head parts which reflects the different emotions of the character. An additional large sword Cruel Blood Oath, a ring effect part for his weapon, plus his tactical support unit Pod 153 will also come as bonuses. Two hand parts holding the black box are also included; one of it will fit 2B to recreate the self destructive scene with 9S.

NIER:AUTOMATA® PLAY ARTS KAI™ ACTION FIGURE – 9S (YORHA NO.9 TYPE S) is now available for pre-order on Square Enix Store NA while supply last; expected release date in May 2021.

Deluxe Version




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