Monday, June 17, 2024

WonHobbyGallery 2020 virtual hobby exhibition starts now

The annual WonderFest in Japan has been cancelled due to COVID-19, but between July 4 – 10 23:59(JST), fans around the world can visit WonHobbyGallery 2020 online to get a glimpse on the latest and future figure releases in a VR venue!

This year, there will be early-bird releases online on selected items at limited quantities between July 4-6 21:00(JST); preorder will open later in the year for the release of the second batch of the items.

Make sure to check our posts on the releases announced in this event!

WonHobbyGallery 2020 (WHG2020) (LINK)

July 4 – 10 23:59(JST), 2020

Admission: FREE



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