Wednesday, February 21, 2024

GO! GAIKING THE GREAT! A Classic combining mecha model kit to drop next year

From the classic anime Gaiking Legend of Daiku-Maryu comes Gaiking the Great, a limited edition MODEROID model kit that brings Gaiking, Raiking, and Baiking into one single package. Based on the design of the 2005 remake, the model reflects the refined mecha design with the spirit of the classic. The model kit can build three separate mecha and they can combine to form Gaiking the Great with the removable and interchangeable parts included.

Combine Demonstration
© Good Smile Company | © TOEI Animation

The kit comes in separated colour moulds and pre-painted parts; of course painting is welcome for advanced builder to add details to the model. The articulated model will come with interchangeable hand parts and weapons, so you can display the finish model in various poses.

MODEROID Gaiking the Great Is now open for pre-order on GoodSmile Shop US until September 30, 2020 (23:59PST); estimated shipment in March 2021. Stand alone model kit of the three mecha are also available for pre-order, please check the links below for the individual models.






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