Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Final Fusion! Chogokin Star GaoGaiGar option set (TUKOB ver.) set to release in 2021

Chogokin Star GaoGaiGar Option Set is updated and scheduled for re-release next year! The Chogokin GX-68X Star GaoGaiGar Option Set (The Ultimate King of Braves Version.)  will include a list of parts and accessories that transform your GaoGaiGar into Star GaoGaiGar! The option set is made with diecast parts that match perfectly with the Chogokin GX-68 GaoGaiGar figure, which is sold separately. The face part is updated with new paint job and plating, while the Phantom Rings and the Protect Rings are all updated with gold plating. Plus, the Activated Ul-tech Engine covers and the stage set are now made with transparent green ABS plastic, which give a more accurate reflection of the fusion scene in the anime. 

Full list of parts in the package include:
  • Stealth Gao II
  • Ul-tech Engine II
  • 2 Activated Ul-tech Engine cover
  • Protect Ring
  • Phantom Ring
  • Gatling Driver
  • Exchangeable GaoGaiGar head
  • Exchangeable GaiGar face parts
  • Stage set
  • Support parts

The Chogokin GX-68X Star GaoGaiGar option set (TUKOB ver.) is available for pre-order on Premium Bandai JP, and is expected to release in February 2021.




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