Friday, July 19, 2024

First Evangelion figure introduced to the brand new Dynaction series

Tamashii Nations introduced a new product line-up: Dynaction series. The first product of the line-up will feature a massive 400mm Evangelion Unit-01 to EVA fans!

Super huge and super movable, the new EVA Unit-01 measures 400mm in height and features composite die-cast and polyacetal joints inside, which allow high moveability and flexibility. At this huge scale, a lot more details are added to this figure, especially on the head sculpt, where the shaping of the teeth and gums are more articulated than previous releases at smaller scale. The Evangelion figure will come with a set of replaceable hands, a replaceable antenna, the umbilical cable, a palette rifle, a progressive Knife, a display stand, and Shinji Ikari figure. An additional shoulder armour will be included to replicate the storage state of the progressive knife.

Preorder opens now on Tamashii Nations JP and will be available in December 2020.

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