Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Choose your BB—GSC to drop Moon Cancer / BB in two variants

BB Channel is back! The digital demoness is descending once again to celebrate a great summer in Hawaii!

Moon Cancer / BB is recreated in her alluring swimsuit, first debut in the “Servant Summer Festival 2018” event in the smartphone game Fate/Grand Order. The little devil shows off her perfect sun-tanned body and her star-themed accessories which appears in her 2nd ascension form.

What’s more? BB will also appears in her perfect white skin (aka Devilish Flawless Skin Spiritron Dress) with her “the end of line-up” signage in hand, recreating the scene during the Servant Fes in game.

Masters will certainly have difficulty choosing between the two BB lol.

Both Moon Cancer / BB figures are now available for pre-order on Goodsmile Shop US until May 19, 2021 (23:59PST). Sun-tanned version is scheduled for December 2021 release, while the white-skin version will be release in February 2022.

Moon Cancer/BB (2nd Ascension)

Moon Cancer/BB (Devilish Flawless Skin)



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