Friday, July 19, 2024

[TGS2020] Monster Hunter: Rise coming March 26, 2021; gameplay and trailer revealed

Capcom has unveiled the first trailer and gameplay demo of Monster Hunter Rise at Tokyo Game Show, unveiling the new abilities and new features of the game. The game is scheduled for March 26, 2021 release on Nintendo Switch system!

Key highlights include the wolf-like companion Palamute which players can ride to run, jump and climb at much faster speed. Palamute has health point bars and will help fighting with player in combat (it will not die in combat when gauge goes to zero.) A New feature named Wirebug will allow player to move and swing in mid-air, climb walls to reach unexplored areas; you can combine the Wirebug ability in your combat, using it as a counter-attack or evasive moves!

You can watch the full gameplay demo on CAPCOM U.S.A. Twitch Channel (Link below)

Monster Hunter Rise Website



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