Wednesday, May 29, 2024

P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM Luffy Gear 4 Boundman to Receive a Version 2 Update!

Luffy’s Gear Fourth Boundman form is getting an update in P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM figure series! Covering his inflated body with Busoshoku Haki, the Boundman form has made a debut in the SA-MAXIMUM series back in September 2017. The Boundman Ver. 2 is a brand new figure which found on a new pose with some similar features from the previous version.

The over-exaggerated proportion of the torso, the subtle color transition in the limbs, and the smoke effect from the Haki covered body, are all transferred from the previous version with even better execution and details. Luffy is shown with much more aggression and power in this new figure, where he is about to throw the finishing punch in the epic battle against Doflamingo.

The added textures on the blue jeans and the added details on the muscle have brought up the authenticity in this new figure; combining with the massive overall height at 335mm, you can definitely feel the intensity of this figure.

P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM Monkey.D.Luffy Gear 4 Boundman Ver.2 figure is now available for pre-order on Megatre Shop JP until early August 2021; expected shipment in late November 2021.



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