Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Metal Robot Spirit Gundam Barbatos Lupus scheduled for release this summer

Building on the well-received Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex, Metal Robot Spirit will introduce Gundam Barbatos Lupus this summer!

Like Barbatos Lupus Rex, Barbatos Lupus features a die-cast frame and a larger eye light effect which is articulated on each side. Supervised by mechanical designer Naohiro Washio, the 150mm tall figure is packed with detail markings, electroplated parts and meticulous paint job which reflect the original MS design at the highest degree. The figure will feature a full list of arsenals from the anime, including the forearm 200mm cannon and rocket cannon, the gigantic Valkyrie Buster Sword and Sword Mace, Twin mace and rocket gun (and some of the weapons can be used on Barbatos Lupus Rex!). A set of interchangeable hands and a special stand are also included.

Metal Robot Spirits <SIDE MS> Gundam Barbatos Lupus will be available for pre-order at participating retailers starting on April 2, 2021 (JPT). The figure will be release in August this year.




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