Monday, June 17, 2024

RG EVA Mark06 is next release for the franchise, coming this summer!

It’s official: Bandai will introduce EVA Mark.06 to their RG model kit lineup, expected to release in June 2021.

It is the fourth EVA unit from the Evangelion movie that is receiving the RG updates. Like the previous releases, the kit comes with color separation molding parts where post-assembly coloring is not required. The kit complies with small intricate parts which allow high level of articulations, where realistic human movement such as crouching is totally possible. Along with a set of optional hand parts, the Cassius Spear from the movie is also included. The spiral design on the weapon is reflected in one-piece molding, which is impressive. The halo effect part is also included with the kit.

RG EVA Mark.06 will hit retail store in June 2021, pre-order is now available at participating retailers.




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