Friday, April 12, 2024

Spider Man to Swing Kick the enemies in Fighting Armor this December

Couple months ago we’ve covered the announcement of Sentinel’s Fighting Armor Iron Man, the first product introduced to the new die-cast action figure line up. This December, Iron Spider will join the Fighting Armor Series, a great holiday gift for all Marvel fans.

Otenfu Mitsunari and Hiroyuki Komatsubara continue to take charge in the design and prototype production of the new figure. Working from the concept of the mechanical battle suit, the Fighting Armor figure is designed to be highly articulated to replicates the human movement in the armor. From the official image releases the signature crouching pose is completely possible on Iron Spider, which reflects the quality of the mechanical design.

The die-cast figure will come with a set of interchangeable hands, clear spider web parts, plus the articulated iron spider-arms! If you’re looking for an alternate Iron Spider design and a figure which is highly adjustable, the Sentinel FA Iron Spider would be a great choice. It will release this December and is available for pre-order now at participating dealers.




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