Monday, June 17, 2024

MG Eclipse Gundam coming in August as part of the New Gundam SEED MSV project

New Gundam SEED MSV project, new Gunpla model kit! Following the announcement of Gundam SEED Eclipse manga, Bandai has announced the first MG model kit of the protagonist MS—Eclipse Gundam.

A secret MS developed by Orb, Eclipse Gundam is a capable to transform between Mobile Suit (MS) form to Mobile Armor (MA) form. Unlike the MS in the SEED series, the new MS takes on an edgier, comparatively bulkier design approach. From the official images the MS comes with beam rifles in the side armor, beam saber that’s hidden in the rifle, and a beam shield. One of the key feature is the capability to equip expansion accessories such as the Launcher and Sword Striker Packs, and the ZAFT-produced Wizard Packs, which will release after the MS launch.

MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam is scheduled for August release this year, and more details will come as we approach the date.




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