Monday, June 17, 2024

IMAGINATION WORKS Vegeta Production Announced, Schedule for Sept 2021 Release

Goku’s greatest rival, Vegeta, is officially the next release for Bandai’s IMAGINATION WORKS figure series, schedule for September release at retailers.

The 1/9 scale Vegeta will continue to offer a “great value for the money” action figure for Dragon Ball fans. Vegeta adapts the joint structure that allows easy movement and posing possibility; you can recreate his signature attack Final Flash without any problem. Like its predecessor, textures have been added on Vegeta’s battle armor; and his blue jumpsuit is now made with real cloth that seamlessly cover the joints of the figure.

Beside a set of interchangeable hands, features like interchangeable eyes, expression faceplates, and hair parts for normal Saiyan and Super Saiyan mode are all included in this figure. You can achieve up to 12 different facial expressions and two Saiyan mode with this single figure! If you’ve snatched up Goku from last year, Vegeta would be a great piece to add to your Dragon Ball collection!




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