Wednesday, May 29, 2024

PROJECT BM! Popinica Soul Kaneda’s Bike will return 11 years since first release

First released in 2010, PROJECT BM! Popinica Soul Kaneda’s Bike will return in May 2021! It’s been 11 years since the motorcycle from Akira was released! The Revival Version resembles the design of the previous release but it comes with full list of modern gimmicks, including throttling and braking sound effects when you press the pedals! You can also connect the bike to an external speaker to amplify the sound effects.

LED feature is added to the headlight, turn signal lights and rear brake light; the lighting feature is also available on both front and rear rims, and the center console panel of the motorcycle!

Like the original release, main parts of the frame are made from die-cast parts; exterior parts can be detached from the vehicle body. Wheels and suspensions parts are all articulated so you can run and turn the 1/6 scale bike your way on desktop. The package does not include Kaneda figure from the original release, which is the only setback of the revival version. 

(And I won’t be surprised if Kaneda figure is release separately sometimes in the future 🙂

PROJECT BM! Popinica Soul Kaneda’s Bike <Revival Version> will be available in May 2021 at participating retailers in Japan.




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