Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Well then, let’s start the party—P.O.P Mas-Maximum Sir Crocodile to launch in July 2021

P.O.P One Piece MAXIMUM will add Sir Crocodile to the lineup, scheduled for summer release in 2021.

The highest grade figure series features some of the strongest pirates in the anime, pairing with the highest craftsmanship and executions from the company. The former Seven Warlords of the Sea has the ability to turn himself into sand; the figure captures the very moment of his transformation!

Thanks to the masterful sculpt work by MAS and coloring by Ando Kenji, the transition between Crocodile’s human form and sand form looks so natural and convincing. Crocodile’s signature features including his slicked-back hair, a big cigar in his mouth, the fearless smile on his face, and a large golden hook on his left hand, are all authentically transferred. The sculptor has added gems on Crocodile’s fingers, a great touch to reflect the ambitiousness of the character.

P.O.P One Piece MAS-MAXIMUM Sir Crocodile is now available for pre-order on Megatre Shop JP until early March 2021. Schedule release in July 2021.



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