Wednesday, May 29, 2024

[TAMASHII NATION 2020] Upcoming MB, Metal Robot Spirits debut at the event

A list of upcoming releases have made debut at the current TAMASHII NATION 2020 event, here’s a quick look at a selection of the future releases:

Metal Build Series

Gundam Astray GOLD FRAME AMATSU mina Princess of the Sky Ver.

Gundam Seven Swords / G Inspection

Strike Gundam and Grand Slam

Gundam Astray Red Dragon

Justice Gundam

Lohengrin Launcher (Expansion pack)

F91 Chronicle White Ver (link to coverage)

Metal Structure MSN-04 Sazabi (link to further coverage)

Metal Robot Spirits

Gundam Bael

Gundam Barbatos Lupus Lex – Armed Set

Wing Gundam Zero

Force Impulse Gundam

Re Gazi Custom

Hi-ν Gundam HWS

Robot Spirits

Penelope (Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathaway Ver.)

<SIDE MS> RX-78GP03S Gundam Prototype Unit 3 Staymen ver. A.N.I.M.E.

For full list of exhibits in the event please visit the Tamashii Nation 2020 Online Venue, which runs until November 9, 2020 (JST).



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