Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Metal Build Destiny Gundam SOUL RED Ver. will debut in Tamashii Nation 2020 event

The popular Metal Build Destiny Gundam will see a special update this year. As the first of the commemorative project to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Metal Build brand, the Destiny Gundam SOUL RED Ver. will be released at limited quantity at Tamashii Nation 2020, which is moved online due to the pandemic. The special edition will see an update with matte paint finish and decal design on the unit; the red color is also enhanced to provide a more vibrant look. The unit will also come with the optional Wings of Light, which is also updated with added printing and holography. All of the accessories from the previous release will also be included in this version, including the high-energy long-range beam rifle, and the Arondaito beam sword.

Metal Build Destiny gundam SOUL RED Ver. will also be available for advance pre-order on Tamashii Shop JP on Sept 17 and 23 at 12:00pm~ and 18:00pm~(JST). If you miss the chance to pre-order, your last chance will be Nov 6 at the Tamashii Nation 2020 event by lottery.

For more information regarding Tamashii Nation 2020, please check this link

Set Contents

  • Destiny Gundam figure
  • Replacement wrist left and right (four each)
  • Backpack
  • High-energy beam rifle
  • Anti-beam shield
  • Arondaito beam Sword
  • High-energy long-range beam cannon
  • Set of beam effect parts
  • Display Stand
  • Wings of light (Large) Left and right
  • Wings of light (small) left and right
  • Set of fixed parts



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