Friday, July 19, 2024

Metal Structure RX-93 Londo Bell Engineers option kit announced, pre-order opens on Sept 11

The Metal Structure RX-93 v Gundam will receive a new optional parts expansion, expected to release in spring next year. The Londo Bell Engineers expansion will allow you to display the MS RX-93 in its maintenance stage. You can rebuild the whole scene with the equipment of the hangar, including the house crane, Medo and Doek work machines, maintenance robotic arms, and more! The equipments comes with articulated joints so you can adjust each equipments to fit your scenario. The crew members set are included to perform the maintenance on the Gundam, and the kit will also include a prototype long barrel for the Gundam. 

METAL STRUCTURE RX-93 νGUNDAM OPTION PARTS LONDO BELL ENGINEERS set will be accepting pre-order on Sept 11, 2021 (3:00AM EDT) on Premium Bandai US. The kit is expected to be shipped in March 2021.


  • Medo
  • Doek x 2
  • Elevator car
  • Maintenance arm set
  • Prototype long barrel set
  • Camera guard set
  • Expanded stage set
  • Medo & Doek supply station set
  • Amuro figure set
  • Chan figure set
  • Bright figure set
  • Astonaige figure set
  • Maintenance crew figure set



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