Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Nintendo to release touch-based Pokémon puzzle game on June 23

Aside from the New Pokémon Snap, Nintendo also announced a new touch-based puzzle game for the franchise: Pokémon Cafe Mix.

You will build and operate your own cafe, where the success will rely on your ability to resolve the puzzle challenges and serve up menu items. By completing more puzzles, you can expand your cafe and menu offerings, build friendship and recruit Pokémon, which will unlock special abilities to solve harder puzzles. The game is free-to-start and have features that’s unlockable with in game currency Golden Acorns, which can be earned or purchase in game. You can redeem the currency to regain hearts, continue puzzles, purchase in-game items, and of course, recruit Pokémon to join your cafe.

The game will be release on June 23, 2020, available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.
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