Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Imagination Works: Son Goku to make series debut in Oct 2020

Bandai announced a brand new action figure series: Imagination Works. The series will feature action figure made in 1/9 scale—compare to the traditional 1/12 scale, the upscale form factor will allow more room for detailed sculpting and colouring, and better character representation from 2d to 3d form.

©BANDAI SPIRITS | © Bird Studio / Shueisha · Toei Animation

The first character to appear in this series is Son Goku from Dragon Ball series. From the first batch of photos we can find a combination of soft and hard plastic used in the character’s dogi; combining with the garment textures and the paint job enhancement in shadow, we can definitely see a more realistic representation of the dogi in three-dimensional form. The figure will also feature new hair sculpt and seamless structure in the arms (most likely a silicone-wrapped body structure which can be found in other manufacturer’s figure).

Along with a pedestal set and 4 pairs of interchangeable hands, the figure will come with interchangeable eyes and expressions face plates in both Saiyan and Super Saiyan form (and thanks Bandai for saving us the money to buy the potential Super Saiyan variant.)

The figure will release in Oct 2020; pre-order opens now at suggested retailers.

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