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(JP Server) Fate/Grand Order x Fate/Requiem Collaboration Begins

(Update: May 25, 2020): FGO x Fate/Requiem has colloboration has just begin!

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From May 25 20:00 – June 8, 12:59 JST, special event will be available for players who completed Fuyuki chapters. Progression in the event will unlock SR Lancer Utsumi Erice , plus various rewards includes ascension & skill enhancement materials, QP, etc.

During the event, Utsumi Erice will gain 2x EXP in Synthesis.

SR (Lancer): Utsumi Erice

Utsumi Erice Phantasm

Summoning Campaign

Players will have the chance to summon two limited servants, and rate-up craft essences in the event specific gacha pool (May 25 — June 8).

SSR (Foreigner): Voyager

Voyager: Phantasm

SR (Berserker): Kijyo Kōyō

Kijyo Koyo: Phantasm

For more details regarding the event, please check FGO official website here:

(May 21, 2020)

Popular app game Fate / Grand Order has announced the upcoming collaboration with Fate / Requiem: Échiquier de l’Apocalypse , a novel written by Meteo Hoshizora (星空 めてお).The collaboration will start in late May this year.

Details regarding the collaboration is yet announced, but pre-collaboration campaign is happening now (May 17 – June 1), including event servants gacha pickup, special login bonus (gold apple x1 per day), and half AP costs on Ember gathering quest, selected servants Strengthening Quests and Interludes.

Details of the collaboration will be released in NicoNico Live Broadcast, YouTube Live, and Periscope (Twitter) scheduled on May 25 at 7pm (JST).

NicoNico Live link:

YouTube Live link:





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